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The Greatest Band of All Time...a.k.a The Rolling Stones

by Bree Baker 28 Feb 2023
Often referred to as the “Greatest Rock And Roll Band Of All Time”, our license with The Rolling Stones quickly became a fan favorite. With collaborations within each collegiate and holiday collection, The Rolling Stones are no doubt a staple here at LivyLu. The LivyLu X The Rolling Stones collaboration features a collection of iconic band references and recognizable nodes to album covers. Pioneering the 60s and 70s, the grungy, rock feel that resonates with the band fit effortlessly with our Thrifted collection, which embodies a vintage, distressed feel. Of course, it wouldn’t be The Rolling Stones collection if it didn’t feature their most recognizable icon, the Stones' tongue. Many items in the collection stay true to The Rolling Stones' nature, featuring the Stones' tongue in various ways, whether that be the main focus of the piece, or intentionally set within the design. One thing is for certain with this collection, you guys can’t get enough of it! And we are sure to keep it coming, as one of our personal favorites in-house. What can we say, we really do love The Rolling Stones!   
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