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A Little More About LivyLu

by Bree Baker 18 Nov 2022
LivyLu is a woman-owned, small business in Tulsa, OK. Founded in the summer of 2003, as a purse company, Tiffany Riley created LivyLu in hopes of providing the ability to stay home with her children. Eventually, sorority apparel was added to our selection, which led to college game-day apparel. Finding our niche in game-day apparel, LivyLu presently collaborates with 20+ universities within the United States, and we are adding to the roster all the time! Holding collaborative licenses with iconic bands such as The Rolling Stones, Willie Nelson, Queen, The Beach Boys, and The Who has allowed LivyLu to mesh our musical partnerships with our university licenses. Shopping at LivyLu, you will find a wide selection of graphics and body styles, exclusive to our brand. Our exclusive collection, Thrifted, was created to fabricate the comfort and feel of your favorite, lived-in sweatshirt. Each item in the Thrifted collection is individually distressed and tattered to create this vintage feel, and the collection has no doubt become a fan favorite! Available via wholesale, we have built a well-rounded list of thousands of wholesalers who stock their stores with our brand worldwide! Though the company may be rapidly growing, we have stayed true to our family-like work environment, with employees who have been here from the start! A company that was once just a dream, has become a reality and so much more!
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